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We install and service all types of Hot Water Heating Systems, including High Efficiency Boilers and Installation of Radiators.

America's best value in replacement gas hot water boilers

  • AGA input 70,000 to 245,000 Btu/hr
  • Standing pilot or intermittent ignition
  • Efficiency to 82.3% AFUE


Reliable natural draft design

When the Sentinel boiler is operating, combustion air enters the boiler and exhaust is expelled up the chimney by natural draft. No mechanical combustion aids are required for the boiler to attain its high efficiency. With fewer components, there's less chance of losing your heat because of part failure.


High performance cast-iron heat exchanger

The Sentinel boiler''s S-Series heat exchanger has for years been a workhorse of the heating industry, in boilers chosen by heating contractors for performance and reliability. It's made of quality cast-iron and assembled with durable metal push nipples. Specially shaped thermal pins promote efficient heat transfer. The boiler heats quickly, sending warmth to radiators throughout your home within moments of your thermostats call for heat. The Sentinel boiler is so reliable it comes with a lifetime limited warranty


Intermittent ignition or standing pilot models

Enjoy the easy installation and reliable operation that natural draft design provides, plus high efficiency too. With a choice of intermittent pilot ignition or standing pilot, Sentinels AFUE's range from 81.5% to 82.3%.


Metal push nipples avoid leaks.

Slant/Fin uses only metal push nipples that expand and contract with the individual boiler sections that they connect. In many ordinary boilers, flimsy rubber or plastic gaskets are substituted for metal push nipples and are subject to deterioration and leaks.


Long-life burners

Quiet, light and easy to install or remove. Same stainless steel burners serve natural or propane gas. Special port construction will not permit flame to lift or flash back. Burners last longer too, because of low operating temperature. Input per burner is 17,500 Btu/hr.